This property is currently for sale and a change of use has been requested from Breckland planning department.

Details of this request can be found on this link 


The White Hart Community Asset Action Group


“So far 27 households have come together to take this opportunity to keep the White Hart Inn, Foulden as a pub. The association “White Hart Inn Community Asset Action Group” (WHICAAG) was established to safeguard the only pub in Foulden and to save it from redevelopment. 

The aim is to maintain a community hub in which all members of the community can come together, interact and socialise. In time we want to provide through the community pub benefits for village which may include a grocery shop, newsagent, a postal delivery and return point, formal meeting rooms, social club, a cafe and other informal social space.

Our community pub will have both open and voluntary membership, meaning that new people moving into the community, or those who have not previously been involved, can still become members. The pub will be run by a full-time manager or tenant with the support of members of the community who volunteer.

If you are not already a member we are inviting you to join the membership of the “WHICAAG”.  A short form is attached and can be returned to us by email at or dropped off at either of the addresses at the bottom of the form.

You can also join us on Facebook the link is